Support women advancing into leadership roles.

Recent studies show that in spite of equal effort, engagement, talent, and proven results, women are still overlooked, undervalued, underpaid, and likely to burnout.

Women make up more than half of the U.S. workforce, yet only 35% hold senior leadership positions.

Women were awarded 60% of all U.S. graduate degrees in 2020, yet men continue to earn 47.4% more than women for having the same qualifications.

Women hold only 8.2% of the leadership positions in Fortune 500 companies.

What’s beyond frustrating is that we’ve known for decades that diverse leadership – including gender diversity – is good for people & good for business.

  • Employees with women managers are more likely to say that their manager has supported and helped them the past year.
  • Companies in the top quartile of diversity on executive teams were 25% more likely to have above-average profitability than companies in the bottom.

How does this inequity continue to happen, even in well-meaning companies?

McKinsey cites the ‘broken rung’ as the first step up to manager: for every 100 men promoted to manager, only 86 women are promoted, seeding inequity at an early stage that is unrecoverable.

Connect your team members.

At Verb we are committed to helping you nurture meaningful connections on your team while building interpersonal skills and achieving results – all in the flow of work.

Verb provides you with collections of bite-sized actionable activities that you can assign your team. Each activity is designed to highlight an expert-backed concept so that it can be applied to a workplace situation.

Then, as a team, you meet to share learnings, insights, and challenges, using the ready-to-go discussion guides. During these discussions, you practice mindful listening, peer learning, facilitation skills, and open sharing.

Establishing a team culture of learning, sharing, and growing together in the domain of leadership and interpersonal skills establishes a foundation of connectedness and trust that is a springboard for high performance.

Our learners develop a growth mindset and gain confidence.

“I can try something and then come back to Verb to process how it went for me — without needing a coach or mentor available to guide me.”

“I love the variation in the activities. It’s not just reading. It’s actual activities, reminders to follow up, and instructions on how to follow up.”

How our learners are developing trust…

“My team has many people and is constantly in transition with new people coming in or leaving. Building trust quickly and effectively is incredibly important for us to be able to avoid conflict. These activities help me do that.”

“Sometimes I jump too quickly to problem-solve before there’s a problem — which can feel like micromanaging or heavy-handedness. Verb helped me understand that it’s more supportive to help teammates figure out what to do in their own way.”

What our learners are saying…

“I have been concerned about people on my team feeling included. This content helped me understand ways I can learn and support them.”

“Verb has helped me understand that my life experience is valued and matters.”

“I have struggled with learning and reaching out about issues beyond the scope of my own experience. Verb offered me some solid steps to support others.”