Learning alone isn’t cutting it anymore. You need action.

Activities on the Verb platform are simple, fit into the flow of work, and go beyond just preaching the basics. We are all about transforming behaviors and delivering real change!

Our differentiators.

Expect more from your L&D platform.


leadership focus vs. content marketplace

Verb specializes in leadership. We bring behavioral science, group dynamics, neuroscience, and other expertise together to curate the most trusted concepts in leadership


people vs. information

Verb is built to develop human-centered leaders at every level. People are the purpose, whether they’re managers or individual contributors.


knowing vs. doing

When you are developing leaders, the impact is not in what they know but in what they do. Verb is designed for learners to take action, helping them bridge the gap between knowing what to do and actually doing it.


practice-based activities vs. passive learning

Passive learning falls short when your goal is motivating real, meaningful change. Lectures are great when you are driving, washing dishes, or walking the dog and want a video or podcast on in the background.

Verb’s bite-sized practice-based activities make L&D an active experience.

Expertly crafted, bite-sized learning

Verb’s bite-sized learning is engaging, insightful, and thoughtfully curated. Verb’s content keeps your people coming back to learn and grow, again and again.

  • Activities can be completed in 15 minutes or less
  • Content is curated and built by Verb’s in-house team, bringing the latest-and-greatest ideas in L&D to life.
  • Verb provides a human-centered learning experience with content that’s relevant, approachable, and personal. There’s something for everyone.

Tested, proven and backed by behavioral science

Verb utilizes the adult learning cycle to deliver real behavior change.

Take Action & Reflect activities will:

  • Challenge learners to take small actions in the real world
  • Nudge them to stay accountable for completing them
  • Ask learners to reflect on what they learned
  • Grow as leaders!

“It is truly an inspirational way to begin my day to make me be the best that I can be for myself as well as my team. It has created an incredible awareness piece, that I have incorporated in my everyday interactions, whether personal or professional.”

– Carol M., Luxury Fashion Brand

How do we stack up?

Users have rated Verb’s content 4.5/5 stars and complete 3x the number of activities on Verb’s platform than the industry standard.

Real, lasting outcomes backed by data.

Start and scale an L&D program

Looking to build a best-in-class L&D program from scratch—and make sure it reaches all the right people? With Verb as your foundation, it’s easy.

  • Expertly crafted content. Select from our highly effective learning experiences. The heavy lift is already done.
  • Choose how content gets deployed. Start with a select group — or make Verb accessible to your entire company. (Or both!)
  • You don’t have to go it alone. Our team is by your side to answer your questions, provide expert resources, and help you reach the right people with the right message.

Download this Ebook guide for help getting started.

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Build a healthy work culture

Company culture matters more than ever. Share your company’s message loud and clear by using Verb’s expertly-crafted content collections to amplify messages like:

  • Inclusive Leadership. Build trust and psychological safety, support belonging, and turn you people into more inclusive leaders.
  • Working Remotely. Create connections and foster effective communication while working with a remote team.
  • Productivity & Accountability. Design a culture of efficient productivity and personal accountability to scale with purpose.

Looking for a structured program?

Introducing Verb+, an expertly-crafted people skills program that’s easy for busy L&D leaders to implement and emerging leaders to get on board.