employee management training software

Developing your employees is crucial, but without an employee management training software, your employee development initiatives can fall flat. If you’re investing time and money into these programs, you want to make sure that they are effective and that there is a return on investment. 

Many companies are trying to move away from solely offering in-person workshops and seminars that can feel unengaging and ineffective. It can be difficult to ensure that these trainings are developing skills that easily transfer into the flow of work and have long-lasting positive outcomes. These workshops can certainly still be valuable, but the numbers show that employee training management software has been steadily on the rise. For the past 16 years, small businesses have increased their use of e-learning by 900%, making online learning the new normal. Despite that, a recent survey from the Brandon Hall Group showed that 44% of companies are unhappy with their current learning management software. This lack of satisfaction may deter employers from investing long term in employee management training software. 

Here are some reasons why investing in good employee management training software is crucial:

It provides the ability to gather reports and metrics on employee development and engagement.

In one survey, 96% of respondents said they want to measure learning, but only 50% are evaluating learning based on ROI, organizational impact, and job performance. Having employee development programs in place is great, but if you can’t show tangible outcomes, it will be difficult to continue to prove a use case for investing in these programs. With employee training management software, you can gather reports and metrics around user engagement. You can also gather feedback from employees to ensure that the training and development is of value to them. Having visibility into usage rates and assessments can help you track improvement across your team over time.

Tangible results will improve employee retention. 

Employee Benefits Network reported that it can cost up to 33% of an employee’s annual salary to replace them. A big reason many employees leave a job is because they do not feel that their employer is invested in their growth and development. Investing in employee development makes a huge difference- in fact, one study found that offering career training and development would keep 86% of millennials from leaving their current position. Employee management training software goes above and beyond the occasional in person training, and allows employers to provide a more robust system of training and development. As a result, employees will feel more valued on a regular basis, and they will be more likely to stay with the organization. Due to the cost of losing an employee, investing in employee management training software can easily pay for itself.

It provides more opportunities for learning in the flow of work.

The Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve shows that learners will forget 90% of the information they digest if it isn’t reinforced. Employee management training software makes it easier to provide training opportunities in quick bursts, on a more frequent basis. When employees have access to this type of software, they can take a small amount of time on a more regular basis to learn, and then reinforce that learning by being able to immediately apply it in their day-to-day work tasks. Because of this, it is easy to make a case for continuous learning within organizations who want to have a strong pipeline of leadership ready employees.

It simply makes managing employee development easier.

Gone are the days of clunky employee handbooks and training manuals, and binders of spreadsheets tracking the nitty gritty details of employees’ professional development. Information around employee training and development should be easily accessible. Using employee management training software makes it easy to access the most up-to-date information and metrics, and removes a lot of the administrative burden of these programs.

It’s clear that investing in employee management training software is a good investment. Perhaps most importantly, it makes employees feel valued while simultaneously making their development and training easier to implement. But that doesn’t mean that it’s easy to find the right software. 

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