Webinar: Create an L&D Program From Scratch

We interviewed people and talent leaders about how they started their L&D programs.

Session 1 Using L&D to create a Joyful, Meaningful and Productive Workplace with Dana Greez, Head of People Development, Diversity, and Inclusion at a Global Luxury Fashion Brand Session 2 Creating a High-Tech & High-Human Workplace at Outreach with Pamela Mattsson, SVP People and Organizational Development at Outreach Session 3 Scaling from Nothing to Huge & Building Community with Kat Steinmetz, Former Head of Global Talent, Box; Former Head of Global L&D, Stitch Fix; Former Head of HR, Burning Man Session 4 Implementing L&D in a Hyper-Growth Startup with Lisa Novak, VP Employee Experience at data.world

Customer Insight Webinar: How Proximity Learning transformed their managers to leaders

You are invited to a fireside chat with John Rollack, Senior Human Resources Director at Proximity Learning

Tune in to learn more about:

  • How implementing Verb was quick, simple, and straight to the point.
  • How leadership and development can be fun and entertaining.
  • How Proximity Learning made Verb an extension of their team.
  • How leadership and development impacted Proximity Learning’s employees.

Customer Insight Webinar: How Whiskey Cake Deployed Verb’s Leadership Development Platform

Fireside chat with Dana Clement, Director Of Learning and Development at Whiskey Cake & Ida Claire Front Burner Restaurants

Tune in to learn more about:

  • How to shift from focusing on hard skills to soft skills.
  • How to take care of the person, not just the position.
  • How Whiskey Cake integrated Verb into their existing LMS.
  • How Whiskey Cake made Verb an extension of their team.
  • How Whiskey Cake integrated emotional intelligence practices into their weekly management calls.

Deconstructing the future of work: Working without jobs

The journey to this new future of work is all about radical transformation, tune in to learn:

  • Actionable steps your L&D team can take today to get ahead of the curve.
  • Two things Ravin believes leaders need to focus on to succeed in this new world of work
  • How job deconstruction reduces inequality.
  • If jobs are going away, what’s the work of HR?

Conscious Leadership at Work with John Mackey

Vision & Virtue

  • Put Vision First
  • Lead With Love
  • Always Act With Integrity

Mindset & Strategy

  • Find Win-Win Solutions
  • Innovate & Create Value
  • Think Long Term

People & Culture

  • Constantly Evolve the Team
  • Regularly Revitalize
  • Continuously Learn & Grow

Panel Discussion: Building an Leadership Development Program for Today’s Workplace

Panel: Salesforce | 4G Clinical | Elastic Path

Join this panel discussion on how to build an L&D program for today’s workplace

They will dive into what matters most in an organization’s L&D, the biggest challenges and obstacles they’ve encountered, and how they’ve built their L&D programs. Get tips for how to develop a L&D strategy that makes an impact.

Why we need a New Type of Leader for a New World?

In this episode of Dubb’s podcast, “Connection Loop”, Dubb’s Founder, Ruben Dua (@rubendua) meets with Suzi Sosa.

Topics explored include:

Podcast: Managing Your Energy, Not Your Time – To Lead Better

Key Takeaways:

  • Management was a “toothache,” now that we are remote, it’s become an “emergency root canal.”
  • How are you “being” – vs. what are you “doing?”
  • Your state of “being” drives what you “do.”
  • Time management vs. energy management – they are very different. Manage your energy more than your time.
  • 3 Buckets Leaders need to focus on: Financial Health, Physical Health and Mental Health
  • Experiment with working fewer hours.
  • Stop muscling your way to success – you may be able to accomplish more by being flexible.

Interview: Leadership and Strategy in a Changing World

“Verb’s approach to leadership development is unique because it focuses on skills like trust, empathy, mindfulness and resilience.”

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