How to Tell the Data Story of Your Soft Skills Program

How do you make your L&D program data into a story that will be memorable and impactful to your key stakeholders? Join us for a webinar where members of Verb’s Customer Success team show you how to communicate ROI and create a memorable presentation built for your C-suite. The team walks you through a few simple steps to create a narrative around your soft skills program data so you can feel confident to craft a winning presentation. Your key stakeholders will see the impact of your work and the results of your training program.

See Verb’s analytics dashboard in action to learn what data is available as a Verb admin. These dashboards allow you to review a snapshot of metrics and data that can be drilled down or exported.

This webinar was originally recorded as part of our Take Action series exclusive to Verb admins. This webinar series provides community and insight to ensure your success as a Verb admin.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why you should be measuring the impact of your soft skills learning.
  • How to tell an effective story with your data and get buy-in from your stakeholders.
  • How Verb’s analytics dashboard will help you set achievable goals and track your success.

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About Verb

Verb is leadership development for a new kind of workplace. Our platform includes micro-learning activities that help build essential leadership skills like building inclusion, empathy, and psychological safety—and actually put those skills into practice.