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The Verb platform is updated regularly with new content and features to help employees develop their productivity and people skills in the workplace.

The latest content pathway created by our expert instructional designers is built to support early-career managers who are new to leading people and teams. Even managers with several years of experience will find the content valuable to help sharpen their skills.

What Does the Rhythms of Management Pathway Focus On?

New managers often have a difficult time transitioning from an individual contributor role to leading — and supporting — those they’re now managing. They need to develop basic, repeated management practices and skills before tackling the higher-level leadership capabilities. It’s not effective to push deep self-awareness development on a manager who’s drowning and doesn’t even have the basic confidence or an understanding of the foundational responsibilities of their role.

The Rhythms of Management pathway is designed to address the two responsibilities at the core of managing:

  • Supporting people
  • Making things clear

Going through the pathway, managers can build confidence as leaders through changing priorities and circumstances. The pathway is specifically designed to motivate leaders to actively practice what they learn with their teams, applying all of the essential concepts immediately in the workplace.

After completing the Rhythms of Management pathway, leaders will be able to:

  • Create clarity and commitment toward what needs to be done
  • Support people to do great work and grow while achieving results
  • Build a cohesive team that collaborates well and supports each other
  • Practice new strategies to navigate common challenges such as effective feedback, delegation, and adapting leadership styles to individuals and situations

Once a manager completes the Rhythms of Management Pathway, they can then continue their development with higher-level leadership skills on the Verb platform through other content collections and pathways.

What’s Included in the Rhythms of Management Pathway?

Being a new manager isn’t easy — especially when no one guides you through the foundations of the job. New managers constantly experience situations like:

  • Becoming a manager for a team of people who used to be peers
  • Nonstop firefighting
  • Having so many meetings they can’t get work done
  • Feeling uncomfortable with emotions (theirs and those of others)
  • Having to repeat priorities to the team
  • Providing feedback that doesn’t cause change
  • Being unsure if, when, or how to address an issue
  • Feeling worried about overburdening their team
  • Dealing with a lack of initiative from team members
  • Getting caught between team member complaints

The Rhythms of Management pathway features new content collections to close the learning loop on specific skills which alleviate these common painpoints. The pathway is comprised of the following content collections:

  • Being a Great Manager:
    • Helps a new leader anchor themselves in the main functions of a manager, review the basics, and get started on setting a benchmark and goal for progress.
  • Expand Your Manager Range:
    • Develops a new leader’s flexibility so they can adjust their behavior to be more effective — with any person, in any situation.
  • Build Your Work Relationships:
    • Allows managers to get to know their team and transform “difficult conversations” into productive discussions.
  • All About 1:1s:
    • Enables leaders to make the most of the 1:1 meeting — one of their most powerful tools as a manager, with processes, templates, and troubleshooting.
  • Delegate to Foster Responsibility:
    • Hones a manager’s delegation skills so they know when to step aside and let team members try, possibly fail, and grow from experience.
  • Connect a Great Team:
    • Empowers a manager to inspire team members to support one another and build a team culture that’s inclusive and effective.
  • Celebrate & Continue:
    • Gives a manager the opportunity to reflect back on their learning, assess their progress, and set new goals.

How Should Managers Use the Rhythms of Management Pathway?

All of the activities within Rhythms of Management are designed to motivate managers to actually practice what they learn in their day-to-day. With Take Action & Reflect activities, managers pause to take action and reflect, bringing theory to life in the workplace.

Learners can complete the pathway in a self-directed manner within three months, spending about 30-60 minutes each week. Since Rhythms of Management is designed for the busy manager, they can always return and pick up where they left off — so taking a bit more time to get through each activity might help them to fit it into their schedule as well as fully process and apply the learning.

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