The Verb story

Verb started in 2013 as a simple business plan competition for socially innovative entrepreneurs. These global innovation competitions helped to grow and mentor thousands of entrepreneurs. We realized that companies of all kinds were benefiting from Verb’s skills training and peer learning programs and that the leadership growth was often the biggest value.

Today, the Verb platform combines mentorship with leadership skills development with peer learning for a whole person development learning style. We may have started small, but Verb now provides people all over the world with the skills they need to succeed, unlocking and cultivating their potential.

Our core values

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Our people

The Verb team is a group of passionate, diverse individuals, united by our desire to unlock and cultivate human potential. We help organizations empower their teams with whole person development and learning that sticks.

Suzi Sosa, CEO / Co-Founder at Verb

Suzi Sosa

CEO / Co-Founder
Tom Meredith, Co-Founder at Verb

Tom Meredith

Tulsi Dharmarajan, SVP, Product & Engineering at Verb

Tulsi Dharmarajan

SVP, Product & Engineering
Jessica Agneessens, SVP, Learning Strategy  at Verb

Jessica Agneessens

SVP, Learning Strategy
Bill Bala, SVP, Finance at Verb

Bill Bala

SVP, Finance
Sarah Covey, VP, Customer Success at Verb

Sarah Covey

VP, Customer Success
Chris MacLeod, VP, Content Operations at Verb

Chris MacLeod

VP, Content Operations
Michael Loiacono, VP, Sales & Marketing at Verb

Michael Loiacono

VP, Sales & Marketing
Breanne Berich, Director of Market Development at Verb

Breanne Berich

Director of Market Development
Tyler Holzer, Senior Engineering Manager at Verb

Tyler Holzer

Senior Engineering Manager
Darion Freeman, Full Stack Developer at Verb

Darion Freeman

Full Stack Developer
Minh Nguyen, Software Developer at Verb

Minh Nguyen

Software Developer
Rick Gomez, Software Developer at Verb

Rick Gomez

Software Developer
Shannon Pearson, Software Developer at Verb

Shannon Pearson

Software Developer
Caroline Holden, Product Designer at Verb

Caroline Holden

Product Designer
Elaine Canary-Bracci, Sr. Financial Analyst at Verb

Elaine Canary-Bracci

Sr. Financial Analyst
Ilich Heartsill, Sr. Instructional Designer at Verb

Ilich Heartsill

Sr. Instructional Designer
Lindsey Ripley, Sr. Instructional Designer / Content Strategist at Verb

Lindsey Ripley

Sr. Instructional Designer / Content Strategist
Jill Visit, Creative Director at Verb

Jill Visit

Creative Director
Mindy Stoddart, Instructional Designer at Verb

Mindy Stoddart

Instructional Designer
Amanda Hagley, Content Marketing Manager at Verb

Amanda Hagley

Content Marketing Manager
Brooke Pesterfield, Market Developer  at Verb

Brooke Pesterfield

Market Developer
Daniel Elizondo, Senior QA Analyst at Verb

Daniel Elizondo

Senior QA Analyst
Leah Bury, Content Marketing Specialist  at Verb

Leah Bury

Content Marketing Specialist