Establish team connection to improve collaboration.

Although employees report a high preference for remote work, they also struggle with feeling isolated and lonely. This feeling of isolation leads to self doubt, withdrawal, low engagement, and low commitment.

Managers and team leaders play a special role in establishing team member relationships. When team members feel connected, valued, and a sense of belonging, then collaboration increases along with creativity, engagement, and loyalty.

92% of Verb customers say that Verb plays a key role in our talent development strategy.

How do you build a real sense of connection between team members?

Although we have enjoyed the virtual happy hours, trivia contests, murder mysteries, and escape rooms that have provided some moments of fun, have they really built meaningful relationships?

Connect your team members.

At Verb we are committed to helping you nurture meaningful connections on your team while building interpersonal skills and achieving results – all in the flow of work.

Verb provides you with collections of bite-sized actionable activities that you can assign your team. Each activity is designed to highlight an expert-backed concept so that it can be applied to a workplace situation.

Then, as a team, you meet to share learnings, insights, and challenges, using the ready-to-go discussion guides. During these discussions, you practice mindful listening, peer learning, facilitation skills, and open sharing.

Establishing a team culture of learning, sharing, and growing together in the domain of leadership and interpersonal skills establishes a foundation of connectedness and trust that is a springboard for high performance.

Check out a few of Verb’s collections designed to nurture team connection:


Understand how you belong and support others in feeling valued and included at work.

Psychological Safety

Empower people to share ideas and be themselves. Learn how to make psychological safety part of everyday work.

Breaking Down Bias

Learn how implicit bias happens, how to recognize it, and how you can prevent it from doing harm.

Listen Skillfully

Avoid the top listening mistakes identified by psychotherapist Amy Morin.

Connect A Great Team

Inspire team members to support one another and build a team culture that’s inclusive and effective.

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