Can one platform support your varied talent development needs?

People are joining companies they may rarely visit in person. You are hiring candidates from all over the world. In hybrid and remote-first workplaces, company purpose and values are your most important differentiators. Your culture is how you create a sense of purpose and belonging. Consider:

  • Onboarding for new employees
  • Training for managers and leaders
  • Investing in top contributors
  • Supporting employee resource circles
  • Providing wellness initiatives
  • Instilling inclusive leadership practices
  • And more!

How many apps and platforms do you need to do all of this? How do you organize and track the engagement of these groups? How do make sure these learning experiences mean something – instead of being boxes to check or videos to watch? Who is being left out?

Since you are on our site, it’s no surprise our answer is Verb.

And Verb is your answer too!

Verb’s micro-learning library paired with world-class customer success support expands your potential exponentially. Our library can be configured into program-specific pathways and combined with milestones to create effective blended learning experiences that reach everyone.

Below you’ll see a sample of 3 pathways that customers have created to support their talent.

Combinations are unlimited. Possibilities are endless. Your talent development goals can be reached this year.

Sampling of 3 talent development pathways for customers.

Manager Training 101

Cohort Kick-Off Event
Being A Great Manager
Attend Your Learning Cohort
Expand Your Manager Range
All About 1:1s
Attend Your Learning Cohort
Celebrate completing your training with your cohort

Inclusive Practice

Listen to our CEO’s commitment to inclusion
Building Trust
Discuss with your team using Verb’s discussion guides
Breaking Down Bias
Discuss with your team using Verb’s discussion guides
Bring Global Perspective
Discuss with your team using Verb’s discussion guides

Women In Leadership

Share a brief introduction of yourself & your goals in our team feed
Purpose, Vision, and Mission
Draft a purpose statement and bring to our meeting
Welcoming Feedback
Practice giving and receiving feedback at the next meeting
Manage Your Mind
Share your go-to mindfulness practice in our team feed

Transform learning into action with Verb’s learning cycle.

With Verb, your employees will:

  • Learn and practice conscious leadership skills like empathy, curiosity, and courage
  • Take action and apply what they learn in the real world
  • Reflect on their experiences to grow

Verb makes it easy for employees to grow as leaders by taking action, following through, and reflecting.

Listen to our learners…

“Verb has helped me learn to pause before responding — and to think through several different responses alongside the desired outcome.”

“I can get lost in tasks that change my focus and cause stress, but with Verb, I can slow down and recognize if I’m being the leader I want to be.”