Product Enhancement

To help employees develop themselves as leaders, the Verb platform is updated regularly. Our team enhances the platform with new expertly crafted people skills and productivity content, as well as features that help further inspire action and behavior change.

The latest Take Action & Reflect enhancement works by challenging learners to take small actions in the real world, nudging them to stay accountable, and asking them to reflect on what they’ve learned. All of which ultimately help them grow as leaders!

Why Does the Take Action & Reflect Enhancement Matter?

Our expert instructional designers use the learning loop to take learners from knowing to doing to growing.

Until now, in Verb’s platform, the full learning loop was embedded in a single activity or split across multiple activities that could be done without truly taking a pause.

After talking to learners — employees in all different kinds of companies — we found that they wanted more time, space, and accountability to apply, process, and internalize what they’d learned. That’s why we created new Take Action & Reflect activities to allow that process to happen over a two-week cycle.

These new activities, supported by nudges (on the platform or email), are designed specifically to increase the chances of someone taking action in the real world and reflecting to learn from their experience.

How ‘Take Action & Reflect’ Work?

The new Take Action & Reflect enhancement consists of two different types of activities:

  • Plan Your Small Action
  • Reflect on Your Experience

After a learner completes a content collection’s Learn & Practice activities, they complete the Plan Your Small Action activity right away. There they prepare to take action and apply what they learned by:

  • Choosing from a selection of possible small actions, or creating their own
  • Identifying a “why” to motivate their action

One week later, they’ll get a nudge to remind them of their action and “why.” Then after two weeks, they’ll be reminded to return to where they were to reflect. These nudges, delivered directly in the app and email (based on their notification preferences) help learners stay accountable.

Once a learner returns to complete their Reflect on Your Experience activity within two weeks, they have the time and space to reflect — whether or not they did the small action, and whether or not it was a success. If it takes them more than two weeks to come back, they can select “yes” or “no” when asked about whether did their small action and then reflect on the experience to grow.

Ultimately by getting a chance to take action and apply a concept in real life and then having a dedicated moment to reflect employees build self-awareness while demonstrating integrity and growth.

Enhancing Verb’s Content Collections with ‘Take Action & Reflect’

The Take Action & Reflect enhancement will be included in these existing collections as of April 1, 2022:

  • Manage Your Mind
  • Psychological Safety
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Welcoming Feedback
  • Drama Triangle
  • Tap Into Your Best Work
  • Activate Adaptability
  • Challenge People to Help Them Grow
  • Listen Skillfully
  • Empowerment Dynamic

We’ll also be working to include this new product enhancement in upcoming content collections when it’s the best way to integrate the learning loop for true behavior change.

We’re constantly enhancing our workplace productivity and people skills development platform. Interested in getting a full tour?

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