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Give everyone the skills to put people first, build a more inclusive workplace, and make a difference with Verb.

Here’s how Outreach is using Verb’s people development platform to engage employees and shape a more human workplace.

Clients who see real results.

Team members reported skills improvements in only four weeks

95% increase arrow graphic
increase in positive thinking skills
71% increase arrow graphic
increase in integrity skills
53% increase arrow graphic
increase in active listening skills
48% increase arrow graphic
increase in giving and receiving feedback
28% increase arrow graphic
increase in emotional intelligence skills

Results from one company after 6 months using Verb.

  • 90% said Verb helped them build valuable relationships
  • 12 hours average time spent on Verb per team
  • 6 out of 6 skills showed measured improvements
  • 4.7/5 overall user satisfaction rating
  • 83% said Verb helped them achieve professional goals

Results from one company after 6 months using Verb

Aw, shucks. Here’s what clients are saying about Verb.

Going through the Peer Learning Partnership with someone I’ve known in this company for a long time helped me develop an even more meaningful connection and made this company seem small again.

– Mike, Apple

I enjoyed this platform much more than some of the others available. It was easier to navigate, I liked the format of the lessons and how thought-provoking the content has been thus far. I have goals to learn more about people management and effective leadership this year, and this has really helped me get closer to reaching them.

– Ashley C., Indeed

I have found the Verb content personally useful. There are a lot of really good learning assets to do. Finding time to learn can be hard, but Verb makes it easier to know what to do next.

– Brian M., Fiix