How do you onboard people to a definitive company culture from around the globe?

People are joining companies they may rarely visit in person. You are hiring candidates from all over the world. In hybrid and remote-first workplaces, company purpose and values are your most important differentiators. Your culture is how you create a sense of purpose and belonging. Consider:

  • Do you count on your employees to live your values with each other?
  • What values can your people count on your leaders to role model?
  • What origin stories, traditions, or rituals are important to cultivate and pass on?

We have left the traditional boardroom employee orientation behind. We now need to acclimate new hires to culture over time and across time zones, with consistency, accountability, and communication.

Verb collections are the building blocks for your onboarding pathway. You can assign Verb’s micro-learning to align with your values, including links, company-specific content, manager 1:1s, and new colleague coffee-chats in an easy-to-follow format.

Create a custom-built onboarding pathway.


Click here for your Zoom orientation with Human Resources.

Build Trust


Manager 1:1

Discuss all company values with your manager, focusing on what it takes to build trust.


Review our company values here.

Welcoming Feedback

Provide Actionable Feedback


Draft your goals, vision, and values using this template and post here.

Transform learning into action with Verb’s learning cycle.

With Verb, your employees will:

  • Learn and practice conscious leadership skills like empathy, curiosity, and courage
  • Take action and apply what they learn in the real world
  • Reflect on their experiences to grow

Verb makes it easy for employees to grow as leaders by taking action, following through, and reflecting.

Listen to our learners…

“Verb has helped me learn to pause before responding — and to think through several different responses alongside the desired outcome.”

“I can get lost in tasks that change my focus and cause stress, but with Verb, I can slow down and recognize if I’m being the leader I want to be.”