Develop your new managers for success.

With workplaces shifting dramatically over the last couple of years, first-time managers have to deal with more uncertainty and difficulty than ever before.

Whether they’re handling direct reports in person, remotely, or in a hybrid scenario, most new managers feel wholly unprepared to step into their new role and:

  • Prioritize for themselves and others, especially as business goals shift constantly
  • Set clear expectations whether in person or asynchronously
  • Create psychological safety and belonging within their teams
  • Give constructive feedback and coach others
  • Improve employee engagement and retention


of American workers said they would potentially quit their job because of a bad manager.


92% of Verb customers say that Verb plays a key role in our manager training.

With employees feeling frustrated with their bosses, a tempting job market, and HR already being spread too thin, how can you make sure your first-time managers are set up for the success of your entire company?

Ready-to-go curriculum for new managers.

Effective management comes down to supporting people and making things clear.

Rhythms of Management is a ready-to-go curriculum to give early-career managers a jump start with these foundational responsibilities. Have the freedom to use the program as is, or configure it to meet your specific needs!

Rhythms of Management Content Collections include:

  • Being a Great Manager

  • Expand Your Manager Range

  • Build Your Work Relationships

  • All About 1:1s

  • Delegate to Foster Responsibility

  • Connect a Great Team

  • Celebrate & Continue

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“I wanted to send a quick email to say how great Verb is! Not going to lie, I wasn’t thrilled about another platform and another task, so I sat down Saturday to get it over and done with. To my surprise, I really enjoyed it and certainly got more out of it than anticipated.”

– Early-career manager at Veriforce using Rhythms of Management pathway on the Verb platform

Design your own program Uusing the Verb platform.

Curate your own new manager program with Verb’s L&D content library.

You’ll get accessible, expertly-designed micro-learning that managers actually want to use and is relevant to exactly what they need right now.

Interested in an intensive program with workshops & coaching?