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In the last 5 years, 87% of millennial workers have taken on management roles. This means that millennials need to be prepared with certain leadership skills before taking on leadership positions within their organizations. As the business landscape has changed over the years, so have the skills necessary to be successful as a manager.  Here are a few of the leadership skills every millennial manager needs:

Build relationships in person

Building trust as a manager is critical to the success of high-performing teams. But, in an era where technology is king, many millennials find themselves uncomfortable with in-person interactions. Make sure that your millennials managers are getting the soft skills training they need to lead their teams.

Be transparent with your team members

Many first-time managers find it hard to admit their mistakes or failures to their teams. But, hiding mistakes could actually be hurting your company’s culture. Creating a safe place for mistakes can help your team be more creative and innovative. When managers are transparent with their team members, employees feel confident in taking risks and being open with their managers as well.

Provide continuous feedback

42% of millennials want feedback every week. If millennials want to receive constant feedback, they better be prepared to give it as well. It can be incredibly difficult to give constructive criticism at work, so it is crucial that managers are trained to give feedback in an effective way.

Establish yourself as an authority

As millennials begin to take on more leadership positions in the workplace, it is crucial that they are able to establish themselves as an authority despite their age. Being persuasive in the workplace is all about being prepared and having a developed point of view. By consistently being present and vocal at work, millennials can begin to gain some credibility even if they are new to a role.

As millennials begin to make their way up the corporate ladder, helping them develop these skills will be critical to your organization’s success. 

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