Leadership Development Program

Regardless of how small — or large — your organization is, knowing where to start with leadership development isn’t clear-cut. If you’ve felt unsure of where to begin or how to grow your existing program, know that you’re not alone.

Finding others to relate to and learn from isn’t always simple either. To help you hear from your peers, our latest panel discussion brought together five People, HR, and L&D leaders from different sizes and types of organizations to discuss how they’ve gone about building their leadership development programs.

Whether you’re with a company that only has about a hundred employees, or one that has tens of thousands, and if you have a small team or are wearing many hats yourself, you can relate to the discussion.

Listen as Suzi Sosa, Verb’s co-founder and CEO, speaks with:

  • Eric Chen, Director of People Strategy at 4G Clinical
  • Caitlin Murphy, Manager, People & Culture at Elastic Path
  • Ashley Forbes Armstrong, Leadership Development Senior Program Manager at Salesforce
  • Ashley Austin, Program Manager, TMP Onboarding at Salesforce
  • Jackie Morton, Coach & Executive Partner at Dose Coaching

They dive into what matters most in an organization’s leadership development, the biggest challenges and obstacles they’ve encountered, and how they’ve gone about building their leadership development programs.