Transform managers into leaders to drive KPIs.

Budgets are tight. You want to equip employees with the skills they need to succeed, but conferences, workshops, and eLearning platforms can be costly— with no real way to measure improvement and ROI.

Here are the facts about how leadership development can impact your business:

Reduce unproductive behaviors.

Research shows that the average employee spends 2.5 hours a day—about 30% of their work week—on unproductive behavior, like defensiveness, resistance to feedback, and gossiping. (1)

By providing training for skills that prevent these types of behavior, Verb can help reduce or eliminate as much as 50% of your productivity loss.

Increase productivity.

Bad working relationships between management and employees cost the economy $360 billion each year from lost productivity. (2)

Giving managers and teams opportunities to learn together builds trust, improves collaboration, and inspires productivity. Several of Verb’s microlearning activities are dedicated to improving collaboration.

Improve retention.

More than half (52%) of existing employees said their manager or organization could have done something to keep them from leaving. (3)

Developing managers with strong leadership skills is the best way to keep your best talent. When managers join Verb with their team and utilize our Teams and Groups features, they learn together as a group. This strengthens both the manager and the team.

Increase engagement.

A single disengaged employee at the average salary level is going to cost you almost $16,000 per year. (4)

Employees who feel they are being developed as leaders are less likely to be disengaged at work. They are also less likely to leave your company. Verb’s leadership training boosts retention, especially among millennials who tend to leave jobs that don’t offer such opportunities.

Lower absenteeism.

An estimated 8.7% of all payroll costs are tied to absenteeism. (5)

Offering employees the skills they need to overcome issues like stress and anxiety that affect their ability to work reduces unplanned absences. Verb+ features opportunities for personalized feedback and reflection in a 1:1 setting.

Strengthen culture.

“You could see 33% higher revenue by creating a culture that attracts star talent.” (6)

Companies that invest in leadership training rank higher on accountability and collaboration, which in turn strengthens company culture. Verb offers a “Company Core Values” collection that includes individual and group exercises.

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