Create a work culture that works.

Company culture is more important — and more difficult to build — than ever before. Between hybrid and remote work, the prevalence of burnout, and the need to prioritize inclusion and belonging, crafting a healthy work culture requires serious effort. Yet it’s still far less time-consuming and costly than trying to out-recruit a culture that isn’t working.

It’s estimated that the toxic workplace cost U.S. employers $223 billion over five years.

Team events, recognition tools, and mental health benefits can make a difference, but the root of a healthy work culture starts with your people and how they’re handling their lives, work, and relationships.

Fostering an environment that reflects your company’s values is vital and ensures:

  • Teams are engaged and focused
  • Employees feel valued for their differences and feel like they belong
  • People work collaboratively
  • There is a healthy work-life balance
  • Everyone feels supported and developed making it easy to hire from within
  • Retention isn’t causing constant headaches


of all workers report feeling burnt out up +9% from a pre-COVID survey.

A toxic workpace culture is


more likely to contribute to an employee quitting than low pay.

Your people matter.

Develop a culture they’re proud to be a part of while giving them the productivity and people skills that make a difference in their day-to-day.

  • Live your company’s values through expertly-designed content that supports them
  • Boost employee engagement and retention
  • Grow sustainably by helping your people avoid burnout.

95% of learners rate Verb as relevant to their work and lives.

Expertly-designed Ppathways for a healthy work culture.

  • Being a Great Manager

  • Inclusive Leadership

  • Working Remotely

  • Productivity & Accountability

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A platform that scales with you.

A Platform that scales with you.