Prepare to Launch Your Soft Skills Program

prepare to launch your soft skills ebook

Research shows that L&D leaders are placing Leader & Manager Effectiveness as the #1 business-supporting HR initiative in 2023. Why? Because effective leadership and management directly impact business outcomes. As economic conditions continue to be challenging, companies with effective leaders and managers have a clear edge.

But how do companies support these kinds of leaders and managers? The answer is soft skills development programs focused on behaviors — the actions your employees take every day. When your employees learn, practice, and regularly engage in the right behaviors, they become leaders who inspire others and themselves to be engaged, fulfilled, innovative, collaborative, and resilient.

In this eBook you will learn:

  • How soft skills training supports your business
  • Why programs don’t work and how to fix common issues
  • Key steps and questions to work on as you launch a soft skills program

About Verb

Verb is leadership development for a new kind of workplace. Our platform includes micro-learning activities that help build essential leadership skills like building inclusion, empathy, and psychological safety—and actually put those skills into practice.