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Developing effective leaders from the inside out.

Effective leaders know that traditional leadership skills must be paired with personal skills development. At Verb, this is what we refer to as “whole person development.” Verb allows learners to focus on growth in 170 skills and reinforce learning.

Companies who grow with Verb.

Variety: how we create learning that sticks.

Our experiential approach to learning and development.

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Individual micro-learning

Break down the skills you need with bite-sized activities in 15 minutes a day or less.
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Paired learning and mentorship

Deepen connections and foster team growth with a scalable mentorship program and discussion guides.
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Group learning and reinforcement

Behavior change happens in community. Watch your teams grow together with collaborative activities.
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Goal setting and feedback

Track individual and team progress with dashboards, and get real-time feedback from peers.

Original content in a platform for adult learners

Verb delivers results so you can:

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Know yourself
drive results icon
Drive results
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Foster collaboration and culture
cultivate a grown mindset icon
Cultivate a growth mindset
enhance creativity and innovation icon
Enhance creativity and innovation
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Build high-performing teams
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Mentorship without the bullship.

The power of conversation in learning.

Our ready-made programs allow you to easily launch, track, and scale a company-wide mentorship program. Verb guides conversations by providing meeting agendas, prompts, and questions to help mentorship pairs get the most out of their time together.

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It is truly an inspirational way to begin my day to make me be the best that I can be for myself as well as my team. It has created an incredible awareness piece, that I have incorporated in my everyday interactions, whether personal or professional.

- Carol M., Luxury Fashion Brand

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Dive deep with in-person workshops.

Verb facilitated workshops for skills mastery.

Hone and master leadership skills with Verb facilitated in-person workshops. Paired with our continuous learning platform for reinforcement, workshops allow teams to dive deeper, reflect on their own experiences, and solve leadership obstacles as they encounter them.

Talk to a leaderhip expert

What I found in Verb was actual expertise about helping people to learn. I thought that there was a real objective focus on helping people to take what they learn and make it part of their day-to-day life.

- Head of People Development, Luxury Fashion Brand