Build high performance, agile and resilient cybersecurity leaders.

Take your cybersecurity organization to the next level.

With rising cyberattacks, employees are feeling frustrated with their bosses as they get burnt out with the long hours, and the pressure of having the best product on the market. A tempting job market is making it difficult for cybersecurity organizations to retain their top talent, engineers and high potentials.

While companies like yours, are on a critical mission to secure users, machines and data across enterprises, it’s becoming more crucial than ever to set the entire company up for success. However with HR teams already being spread too thin, and a million other priorities on the radar, leading cybersecurity companies have turned to Verb to supercharge their people!

Verb offers pre-built, ready-to-go programs, proven to equip your managers, leaders, and team with the soft skills and attitude needed to drive efficiency and productivity so you can lead the world to a passwordless future!

90-day fast-track program.

Tight budget? Need to see results fast?

3-month subscription
$35 per learner/month
Pre-built program

Our trusted and popular fast-track development program is designed specifically for L&D leaders who are looking to launch a ready-to-go development program quickly, for their new and existing managers.

This 3-month program will improve competence and build confidence in:

  • Creating clear commitments and priorities
  • Supporting people to do great work and grow while achieving results
  • Building a cohesive team that collaborates well and supports one another to hit targets
  • Practicing new strategies for common challenges like feedback, delegation & adapting

Blended learning.

Verb+ is a blended learning solution for managers and individual contributors that combines online, on-demand learning on the Verb platform with coach-led workshops, learning circles, individual coaching, and peer support.





What will your blended learning program look like?

“It’s been really amazing to see how people who have used the platform now get to apply what they’ve learned and put it into practice.”

Rachel Libben
Global L&D Manager, Catalent

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