When leading in business, what’s more important: people or profit?

How many blockbuster movies and binge-worthy TV shows feature a face-off between caring for people and material success? So many! Gripping dramas reveal extreme either-or choices and questionable actions to keep us clicking “next episode.”

In real life, leading a fast-growing company in a capitalist economy facing roller-coaster circumstances has been caricatured as shallow, self-centered, and opportunistic, with a focus on profits above all else.

Yet over 25 years ago, passionate people were part of a growing movement to change this story. They knew then (and still know now) that the future of business depends on valuing people, purpose, and inclusion alongside profit.

Conscious leaders are human-centric while excelling in their work. Verb helps your employees grow as conscious leaders, building skills like empathy, listening, and mindfulness.

It’s estimated that the toxic workplace cost U.S. employers $223 billion over five years.

Develop conscious leadership practices and capabilities in 15 minutes a day with Verb. Our collections include:

  • Purpose, Vision & Mission
  • Respond With Mindfulness
  • Build Trust
  • Become a More Inclusive Leader
  • Belonging

Transform learning into action with Verb’s learning cycle.

With Verb, your employees will:

  • Learn and practice conscious leadership skills like empathy, curiosity, and courage
  • Take action and apply what they learn in the real world
  • Reflect on their experiences to grow

Verb makes it easy for employees to grow as leaders by taking action, following through, and reflecting.

Listen to our learners…

“Verb has helped me learn to pause before responding — and to think through several different responses alongside the desired outcome.”

“I can get lost in tasks that change my focus and cause stress, but with Verb, I can slow down and recognize if I’m being the leader I want to be.”