Build trust & psychological safety.

At this moment in time, studies show people no longer trust political leaders, heads of government, or media outlets. Every day we experience an endless stream of headlines, sound bites, and news stories that foster disbelief, doubt, skepticism and mistrust.

Lack of trust leads to stress, anxiety, distraction, self-doubt, fear, loss of direction, and panic.

Employees are looking to workplaces to be their source of trust.


Together we can learn how to trust again. Use Verb to build an ecosystem of trust built on human-centered values. Align your learning program to your strategic values and watch as these values reach all corners of your organization.

Trust is foundational.

Thriving organizations are built on trust. Managers need to trust that team members can get their work done. Employees must trust that their concerns and ideas are heard.

But this trust doesn’t happen automatically.

Verb’s bite-sized ensures that your employees take frequent, small actions that create and maintain trust every day.

Conversations that matter.

Ongoing communication is vital to developing trust. But it can be difficult or even awkward to start meaningful conversations.

With Verb’s built-in discussion guides, you have everything you need to facilitate conversations and reinforce trust.

These guides allow your employees to:

  • Learn more about team members’ working styles
  • Develop an understanding of one another
  • Strengthen relationships
  • Create inclusive workplaces

Check out a few of Verb’s collections designed to foster trust:

Build Trust

Follow the lead of business leaders like Erika James to develop trust more effectively.

Psychological Safety

Apply the research of Amy Edmondson, who pioneered the field of psychological safety.

Where Inclusion Begins

Learn from diversity, equity, and inclusion strategist Lily Zheng.

Listen Skillfully

Avoid the top listening mistakes identified by psychotherapist Amy Morin.

How our learners are developing trust…

“My team has many people and is constantly in transition with new people coming in or leaving. Building trust quickly and effectively is incredibly important for us to be able to avoid conflict. These activities help me do that.”

— Retail manager

“Sometimes I jump too quickly to problem-solve before there’s a problem — which can feel like micromanaging or heavy-handedness. Verb helped me understand that it’s more supportive to help teammates figure out what to do in their own way.”

— Executive assistant

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