Build inclusive leadership.

Verb and our customers are deeply and passionately committed to practicing inclusive leadership and supporting effective DEI&B efforts that are designed to create equitable workplaces that thrive on difference.

While holding true to this commitment at their core, people in our Verb community share that they still feel paralyzed in certain moments. It’s easy to freeze when facing unstable situations or working with people who are less aware. Research shows that fear, fatigue, frustration, and familiarity with the current status quo will all stop leaders from taking simple inclusive actions over time.

Inclusion in action.

With Verb, your leaders are supported to take action — so they can start doing the small, daily actions it takes to build inclusive workplaces. By committing to actions and following up in the Verb platform, your leaders:

  • Develop trust and psychological safety with team members
  • Support employees facing crises and personal difficulties
  • Recognize and value how people are different
  • Create space for everyone to belong and show up authentically

Verb makes it easy for employees to take action, follow through, and reflect in a way that’s quick and effective.

Designed to meet your organization’s unique needs.

Looking for content that’s ready-to-go now? Or are you building a program that needs to align with the work of employee resource groups, consultants, or other stakeholders?

Whether your organization has a full DEI team or is just getting started, Verb can support you.

Choose the content you need from our suite of 10+ collections focused on diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging. This content was developed in collaboration with experts in the field and tested by our community of learners.

Samples of Verb collections that build inclusion:

Where Inclusion Begins

Explore what inclusion means to you and the perspectives you bring to your organization.

Become a More Inclusive Leader

Support the people you work with, whether they’re facing difficult times or growing as professionals.

Build Trust

Use the key elements of trust to develop strong, trusting relationships more effectively.


Understand how you belong and support others in feeling valued and included at work.

Breaking Down Bias

Learn how implicit bias happens, how to recognize it, and how you can prevent it from doing harm.

What our learners are saying…

“I have been concerned about people on my team feeling included. This content helped me understand ways I can learn and support them.”

“Verb has helped me understand that my life experience is valued and matters.”

“I have struggled with learning and reaching out about issues beyond the scope of my own experience. Verb offered me some solid steps to support others.”

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