Illustration of Drift chat box

#LeadersForGood: Dena Upton of Drift on Putting Employees First

Now is the time when good leadership, or lack thereof, will make a difference. Companies today will be remembered tomorrow for how they reacted as an organization to support their employees, and society at large. Luckily, …

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Illustration of dialogue

#LeadersForGood: A Conversation With DialogueDirect

Right now, there is a lot of negative news floating around. But what we’re seeing in the midst of COVID-19 is that there are many organizations that are working hard to make positive contributions. These organizations, …

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starbucks cup illustration

#LeadersForGood: Nzinga Shaw of Starbucks Talks Diversity & Inclusion

Good leadership is always important at an organization, but this rings especially true in this moment. Companies and their leaders are now facing the opportunity to step up to the plate and show that they care …

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Illustration of leadership with heart

How COVID-19 is Changing the Face of Leadership

Last week, our CEO Suzi Sosa sat down (virtually!) with Joseph Kopser for his video chat series called Catalyst: Leadership & Strategy in a Changing World. In this discussion, Suzi shares how the COVID-19 pandemic is …

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remote communication

5 Tips for Effective Communication While Working Remotely

As the world shifts and remote work becomes the new norm, the ways in which we’ve become accustomed to communicating shift too. It will be critical for leaders to set their team up for success as …

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mindfulness illustration

Mind Over Matter: Leading Through COVID-19

Amid growing precautions taken to keep people safe during the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), organizations are feeling the pain associated with so much uncertainty. The result, as employees struggle to manage this uncertainty personally and professionally, …

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Puzzle piece illustration

Employee Retention & Turnover: The 2020 Guide

Learn to calculate your employee turnover rate, the cost of employee attrition, and tips for retention. …

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employee development software illustration

Top 8 Things to Look for in an Employee Development Software

A recent survey from the Brandon Hall Group showed that 44% of companies are unhappy with their current employee development software. Having software that fits the needs of your organization and learning and development function is …

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emotional intelligence in employees illustratio

Hiring for Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace

When 90% of the factors that set high performing employees apart are considered emotional intelligence skills, it seems like a no-brainer to hire with employee mindset and EQ skills as one of your deciding factors. Being …

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brain illustration depicting emotional intelligence

5 Ways to Improve Emotional Intelligence at Work (and Home)

Developing a strong emotional intelligence can be a crucial part of becoming a better leader, coworker, and all-around human. If you don’t have access to emotional intelligence training but want to work on your mindset, we’ve …

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brain and heart illustration demonstrating EQ

What is Emotional Intelligence and How Does it Impact My Life?

You’ve probably heard of the concept of emotional intelligence, or EQ, before. In this post, we’ll briefly discuss what exactly emotional intelligence is and how it can impact both your professional and personal life in a …

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