New Verb Platform Content Pathway – Rhythms of Management

April 27, 2022

The Verb platform is updated regularly with new content and features to help employees develop their productivity and people skills in the workplace. The latest content pathway created by our expert instructional designers is built to …

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How Leadership Development Strategies are Evolving

April 26, 2022

HR Leader Survey Results for 2022 & Beyond Knowing how to develop or evolve a leadership development strategy isn’t always clear. We surveyed dozens of HR leaders from companies of different sizes and industries. Here are …

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Building a Leadership Development Program for Today’s Workplace [Panel]

April 15, 2022

Regardless of how small — or large — your organization is, knowing where to start with leadership development isn’t clear-cut. If you’ve felt unsure of where to begin or how to grow your existing program, know that …

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Verb Platform Product Enhancement – Take Action & Reflect

April 1, 2022

To help employees develop themselves as leaders, the Verb platform is updated regularly. Our team enhances the platform with new expertly crafted people skills and productivity content, as well as features that help further inspire action …

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Person thinking illustrating self awareness

Why Soft Skills Training is Crucial to Create Better Leaders

March 21, 2022

When we post a job description, it’s common for us to highlight the technical skills needed. But during the hiring process, it becomes clear that while technical skills help candidates meet the basic requirements of a …

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How to Reduce Employee Turnover: Put People First

March 14, 2022

Human Resources and People teams have their work cut out for them. Between trying to figure out how to reduce employee turnover, hiring, and plenty of other initiatives, it’s been more of a challenge than ever …

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soft skills power skills illiustration

What are Soft Skills & Why Should We Call Them ‘Human Skills’?

March 3, 2022

As the workplace continues to change and the world undergoes constant upheaval, soft skills or “human skills” have become even more important. While more traditional technical “hard skills” like managing a budget, coding, analytics, and writing …

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Why Employee Development Programs Fail

February 25, 2022

Employee development programs can reap countless benefits like greater business success, engagement, and reduced turnover, but they can just as easily fail. What pitfalls should you avoid to make sure your program is successful? Confusing Employee …

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mentorship illustration

5 Attributes of a Good Mentor

February 2, 2022

People want to add value, feel valued, and have someone supporting their development. Many individuals aren’t finding that in their workplace and leaving, whether it’s to pursue their personal priorities or for another role. With the …

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5 Things Companies Get Wrong About Employee Development and Training

January 26, 2022

Let’s face it — work isn’t exactly getting easier. The world’s only gotten more complicated and with the lines between life and work dissolving, employees need support. Since employee development and training affect everything from engagement to …

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illustration of employee training and development

The Difference Between Employee Training and Employee Development

January 19, 2022

With work continuing to evolve, many company leaders are taking a deeper look at employee training and development to help with engagement, retention, and hiring. What many leaders may not fully understand, however, is that there …

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