2023: The Year of Talent Development

Leaders have had no choice but to adapt to the pace and scale of change in the last few years. At the same time, this has created an opportunity for building better teams, cultures, and organizations. The conversation is now about rewriting the rules on what employees expect at work.

The need for talent development and growth is greater now than ever. Employees want to learn and increasingly prioritize learning opportunities over other company benefits. Plus, the need for new skills is accelerating.  Companies that build cultures of learning and embrace a growth mindset, will adapt faster than the competition and will have a clear path toward winning.

What does this mean for L&D programs in 2023?  How can companies create impactful programs, even with limited resources?  How can they better understand and leverage the skills and abilities of existing teams when hiring is limited?  What should companies be doing to be ahead of the curve?

Join us on Feb. 7 at 10 am CT to learn more about:

  • What to expect in learning & development in 2023
  • How to support teams to adapt to and leverage change
  • How to map and harness the skillsets and capabilities of current employees
  • How to make learning & development a competitive advantage


Steve Cadigan

Author of Workquake, former CHRO at LinkedIn

Allie Danziger

CEO and Co-Founder of Ampersand

Suzi Sosa

CEO and Founder of Verb Inc.

Kat Steinmetz

Principal, Initialized Capital, former HR leader at Box, Stitch Fix, Burning Man

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