We are building the world’s largest social impact network united by the belief that actions speak louder.

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We believe meaningful competitive collaboration has the power to fuel social impact worldwide.

In partnership with sponsor brands, we use competitions to create a purpose-driven community of partners, entrepreneurs and supporters around solutions to the world’s most wicked problems.

We deliver social impact and meaningful engagement while accelerating innovation through entrepreneurship and inspiring action within a global community.


The challenge recruited hundreds of entrepreneurs across the globe with ideas and solutions to improve the lives of the 2.5 billion people suffering from uncorrected vision problems.

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A multi-country competition with MetLife Foundation to identify financial inclusion solutions for the estimated 2 billion low-to-moderate income households worldwide.

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This six-year, $10M prize is seeking a technology solution to the problem of excess phosphorous which is dangerously polluting freshwater.

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Empowering change in the world for good

We’re passionate about inspiring action and accelerating innovation in the world through entrepreneurship. We bring decades of deep expertise in entrepreneurship, technology, global operations, marketing, brand and social impact.

Suzi Sosa

Co-founder & CEO

Tom Meredith

Co-founder & Chairman

Laura Broaderick

Chief Strategy Officer

Tommy Lynn

Chief Brand Officer

Dave Thomas

Chief Product Officer

Sarah Covey

VP Competitions

Leslie Garner

VP Client Service

Allen Chase

VP Operations

Spencer Ingram

Director of Entrepreneurship Programs

Kylene Reese

Director of Competition Operations

Savannah Mobley

Director of Insights

Leah Fleischer

Competition Account Coordinator

Ernie Hayhurst

Venture Relationship Manager

Elly Besser

Executive Assistant

Ryan Shingledecker

Digital Communications Manager

Becky Dreps

Brand Manager

Vicky Ezell

Operations Coordinator

Frances Kim

Senior Designer

Maddie Serviente

Client Services Coordinator

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