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What's Verb?

A proven and science-backed leadership development platform

Verb gives your managers the human skills they need to lead in the modern workplace.

It starts with self-awareness. Your people learn to show up as their best selves every day and boost their confidence in areas like social and emotional intelligence to better foster collaboration and culture in the workplace.

Best of all, Verb prompts learners to apply concepts in the real world and reflect on their experience, closing the learning loop. That's how real behavior change happens.

Verb unconstrains us from one-size-fits-all type programs. The versatility of the tool is really remarkable. Verb frees us as people leaders to do what we do best.

- Jackie Morton, VP, People & Culture Allocadia

Professional development just got personal.

In the past, leadership training has focused solely on leading by improving others. Before someone can truly lead and improve others, they must develop as a whole person.

Verb teaches skills that empower employees to:

know yourself illustration looking in mirror

Know themselves

improve yourself illustration thinking

Know how to improve themselves

know others illustration face to face

Know others

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Know how to improve others

Companies who grow with Verb.

This ain’t no corporate training seminar.

The Verb learning cycle.

With continuous learning you eliminate continuous forgetting.

Each year companies spend billions of dollars on training that employees don't retain. That’s why Verb’s continuous learning cycle reinforces learning with experiential and collaborative activities helping your employees feel more productive and fulfilled at work.

Individual micro-learning

Learn with custom content in bite-sized lessons


Group learning

Practice your new skills with a team


Reflection and feedback

Continuously improve upon your skills

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Learning that unlocks.

Bite-sized content with measurable impact.

Empower employees to grow in traditional leadership skills like conflict management and negotiation, self-awareness skills like emotional intelligence and unconscious bias, and learning skills like systems thinking and creativity.

Discover Verb

The sessions are interactive and useful. It doesn't require much time to commit to learning and I've found it also incredibly helpful in my professional and personal life.

- Joette D., NVA

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Learning that sticks.

Real, lasting outcomes backed by data.

Users have rated Verb’s content 4.5/5 stars and complete 3x the number of activities on Verb’s platform than the industry standard.

Hear from our customers

We believe that Verb will help us retain and develop our top talent as well as align and inspire everyone around our values and Conscious Capitalism.

- John M., CEO Whole Foods Market