Develop leaders, upskill managers, create a human-centered workforce,
from anywhere.

Through our proven action and reflection based bite-sized learning, experience real behavioral change that tackles your workplace challenges and drive teams to make an impact!

“Verb unconstrains us from one-size-fits-all type programs. The versatility of the tool is really remarkable. Verb frees us as people leaders to do what we do best."

- Jackie Morton, VP, People & Culture Allocadia

Bite-sized learning

Content that leverages today’s greatest thought leaders like Brené Brown, Cy Wakeman, and Simon Sinek

On-demand action oriented learning

Verb gives you freedom to shape people development, your way.

  • New manager training

  • Talent development

  • Improving culture & team dynamics

  • Remote work

  • Leadership development

  • Inclusion & belonging

Helps a new leader anchor themselves in the main functions of a manager, review the basics, and get started on setting a benchmark and goal for progress.

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Verb inspires action so you see real behavior change.

Here’s why companies like Whole Foods love Verb:

We do the heavy lifting

Stand up your leadership development program quickly and scale your program’s reach as your needs change.

Learning that sticks

Verb prompts learners to take action and reflect on their experience, building lasting leadership capabilities and people skills, through experimentation.

We measure success through action

We understand metrics are important to you, which is why we work with you to understand them and support you to ensure the success of the program.

Flexible. Scalable. Trusted.

Expect more from your leadership development platform.


average content rating out of 5


concept retention vs 10% industry standard


more content completed than the industry average


content completion rate

Real, lasting outcomes backed by data.

Users have rated Verb’s content 4.5/5 stars and complete 3x the number of activities on Verb’s platform than the industry standard.

Full access to 100+ hours of content, created in house, leveraging today’s greatest thought leaders.

Verb applies ideas from the top industry thought leaders like Brené Brown, Cy Wakeman, and Simon Sinek and already aligns with your internal leadership philosophy.



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